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Artistically Inspired

Artistically Inspired

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Statuary and Stone Decor. Using the beauty of natural materials you can decorate your home or garden with our range…

Brushwood Inspired

Brushwood Inspired

Be Inspired by Brushwood

Naturally Inspired's Brushwood Panels available in 2 thicknesses, ideal for Brushwood fencing or cladding old fences and walls.

Visually Inspired

Visually Inspired

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Over the years, water features have become easily accessible to everybody. Whether you live on huge acreage, or you are…

Bamboo Inspired

Bamboo Inspired

Be Inspired by Bamboo

Naturally Inspired has the largest range of Bamboo Screens, Bamboo Ply, Framed Bamboo Panels, Fern Reeds and natural related materials.

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From Naturally Inspired and all the staff we would like to wish you a happy and prosperous 2016. We will be opening our store and resuming regular trade on Tuesday the 5th of January. Look forward to an exciting new year with new products arriving every month to keep you inspired.


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This Balinese Buddha water feature is made of high quality stone and will create a striking centre point to any garden.


This water feature is the latest addition to our range. As a new addition, it has, in only a short period of time, become very popular. As a water feature it ticks all the boxes, it is visually stunning and the tranquil sounds of water flowing over the three waterfalls creates a peaceful environment for relaxation.


The sheer waterfall behind the small sitting Buddha allows the water to collect in a reservoir before it falls to the mid tank, which sits proud of the Buddha in the circular feature. To further enhance the look of the water feature, this is really good place to have a couple of floating candles.


From the middle tank, water falls through two additional waterfalls to the main tank at the bottom. This tank is a great place to grow some water plants and it is even large enough to add some fish.


There is also provision for a small light to be added into the circle above the sitting Buddha. This light will add a little extra to the water feature, which will make it really special. The light shines on the Buddha and is further reflected in the water. Adding this additional aspect gives you an appreciation as to how attractive this water feature really can be.
The Buddha water feature is available in two different sizes:
The 2 water fall model is on special for $ 545.00 (bottom tank size 0.8m x .7m)
The 3 water fall model is also on special $969.00 (bottom tank size 1.1m x .7m)

We presently have limited stock available, but don’t be alarmed, we are currently manufacturing both models, which will be available in late September 2013.


So if you’re looking to add that something extra and create a striking centerpiece for your garden, check out our product range, or come in and see us at naturallyinspired, we’re always happy to help you enhance your garden. - Stephen Mant



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Our first delivery of Mediterranean style pottery has just arrived.


You may remember from a previous article that we had started production on our new style of pottery. Well it’s finally here!


You will often find this style of pottery made by the artisans in and around the Tuscan region, right up in the north of Italy to Lake Como, and right throughout the whole of France. We are used to the French and Italians bringing us great food and wine, so it was no surprise to me to see that their passion is reflected in their pottery designs.


The designs are more like three dimensional clay sculptures.  I am so happy with the quality of work our sculptures have been able to achieve; I actually believe they are better than the originals!


There are four individual pot designs, one planter and one wall hanger in the shape of a trumpet flower.


All designs are available in both natural clay and glazed finish to give added protection against the elements. I am extremely happy with the treatments and finish our glaziers have applied.


Adding in a little bit of colour and exposing some of the clay have enhanced the decoration and design, whilst maintaining the old worldly look and style of the original pottery. This can be seen clearly in the photos below.


This pottery has been finished with a light white wash over the natural clay. But, if your feeling artistic and want to add some more colour to your outdoor area, you can paint and decorate them to your liking.


We hope you enjoy our new range of pottery as much as we do! It has been an exhausting, but fun process making them. You won’t find anything similar to these pottery designs in Perth, and I believe you will also be pleasantly surprised with the price! - Stephen Mant



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