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Artistically Inspired

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Statuary and Stone Decor. Using the beauty of natural materials you can decorate your home or garden with our range…

Brushwood Inspired

Brushwood Inspired

Be Inspired by Brushwood

Naturally Inspired's Brushwood Panels available in 2 thicknesses, ideal for Brushwood fencing or cladding old fences and walls.

Visually Inspired

Visually Inspired

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Over the years, water features have become easily accessible to everybody. Whether you live on huge acreage, or you are…

Bamboo Inspired

Bamboo Inspired

Be Inspired by Bamboo

Naturally Inspired has the largest range of Bamboo Screens, Bamboo Ply, Framed Bamboo Panels, Fern Reeds and natural related materials.

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From the beginning brush and stone were the original materials of choice used to define boundaries and keep out all unwanted guests. Yet here we are hundreds of years on, and they are still as popular as ever.


So why are our brushwood panels being used more and more in our local Perth market?


They are available in two thicknesses and are mainly used as: freestanding boundary fences or screens; for roof cladding; or used to cover old or unsightly metal fences.


Here are six good reasons why you should be using our Brushwood panels.


Our brushwood panels are made from Melaleuca Uncinata. We harvest them under license in the outback regions of Australia and we only harvest the regenerative species of brush so we can return every 7 years to cut the new growth.


No need to cut down old growth forests or rely on pine trees that draws all the goodness & minerals out of the soil, leaving only baron landscapes.
Brushwood is an ‘Environmentally Friendly’ product.


If you look at the modern building materials available for the outside areas of your home, you would be including stone and cement paving, brick and masonry walls and metal and fibro fences, just to name a few. They are all good materials on their own, but combined they create a hard and sterile looking environment.


Brushwood, offers a natural balance and softness that is so necessary for you to be able to relax and enjoy your time outside. The soft natural look and feel of brushwood provides an ideal backdrop to any garden or outdoor area.


Insulation & Sound Proofing
Our climate can be very extreme and particularly hot in summer, so it continues to surprise me to see more and more metal roofs, fences and patios. Combine these materials with high-density housing, and limited space for natural airflow, and our outdoor areas have basically become manmade hot houses, and very uncomfortable places at times. These materials can also have detrimental impacts; in particular, metal fences can produce so much heat that they can burn young plants before they even have a chance to grow.


Brushwood panels have excellent insulation properties and can be used to clad these hot metal fences. You may even have the opportunity to make your next fence a brushwood fence. Believe me; you and your garden will love it.


Brushwood cladding does not stop at fences. Some of the coolest places to be in summer are under a Gazebo that has a brushwood roof fitted. The natural brush allows air to breath and will keep out all the thermal heat from the hot sun.


But thermal insulation is only part of the wonderful properties of brushwood. For people who live on busy roads or just need to keep the noise down, brushwood panels can also help to minimise sound, just one of the many qualities and uses of brushwood panels.


No Maintenance
Brushwood panels require no maintenance. They are rot and white ant resistant & require no painting or oiling to maintain their colour or promote longevity. For people that are time poor, brushwood offers a great way to spruce up your garden or courtyard, without all the long hours associated with garden maintenance.


Long Life
The species of brushwood we use is found in marginal saline land. It is the combination of this species, and the environment it grows in that gives our brushwood its longevity. We believe the longevity and life expectancy of our brushwood means they will outlast all timber and metal colour fences, without any ongoing maintenance required.


Easy To Install
Our brushwood panels are pre-made, and wire stitched every 20-30mm to form a solid panel. This makes for easy installation. The panels are available in three sizes (1.8m, 2.0m and 2.1m high) and with just a few basic tools, installing your own brushwood panels has never been easier!


Well there are six good reasons why our brushwood panels would make a perfect addition to your outdoor living area.  Once you make your own purchase you will discover this is just the beginning. – Stephen Mant



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New stock has arrived! We are really happy with the quality of the new stock, and glad to have it on display at naturallyinspired, just in time for Mother’s Day!


Life is filled with simple pleasures, the little satisfying effects you never really anticipate, but always take great pleasure in. If you’re looking for something small and sweet, we have a new collection of tea light candleholders for you.


These beautifully designed natural stone tea light candleholders are a brilliant way to illuminate your home.  The natural stone comes from the Java and Sumatra regions of Indonesia, where they have had recent volcanic activity.


The individual natural stone designs can be clustered together, or they can be placed around a room on their own. These designs are a great way to make a statement and will enhance any living space in your home.


There is also no better time to show your mum how much you love her and appreciate everything she does for you. Spoil her with these beautiful natural stone tea light candleholders from naturallyinspired and make her feel truly special and treasured.  ??Be quick, as the new stock is running out the door!


Happy Shopping! – Amanda Marinovich


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Over the past few months we have worked on designing a unique garden bench with a combination of one of our most popular stone planters with a teak garden bench. We chose to use the pumice stone range, with the beautiful rich grey colour of the stone working well with the teak wood to look very natural in the garden.


As gardens & outdoor areas are getting smaller and smaller, we thought it was important to design a specially made garden bench that was both aesthetically pleasing and strong enough to support small trees, as well as bringing colour and a soft shade to your outdoor retreats. To take it one step further, we added reinforced support ledges to these planters to accommodate our teak wooden bench seats.


You can choose from 3 different height planters: the taller ones would be ideal for fruit or olive trees, or maybe a decorative frangipani tree is more your style. The smaller planters are an ideal height to display your favourite flowers to enhance the colour within your garden or courtyard, or even try planting a drought resistant Yucca.The only thing to do now is to pour yourself a drink, grab your favourite book, and enjoy all the comforts of natural shade and colour in the comfort of your garden.


Whether to adorn your front verandah, complete your garden setting, or enhance your courtyard, we have the combination planter and bench seat for you.



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