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Artistically Inspired

Artistically Inspired

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Statuary and Stone Decor. Using the beauty of natural materials you can decorate your home or garden with our range…

Brushwood Inspired

Brushwood Inspired

Be Inspired by Brushwood

Naturally Inspired's Brushwood Panels available in 2 thicknesses, ideal for Brushwood fencing or cladding old fences and walls.

Visually Inspired

Visually Inspired

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Over the years, water features have become easily accessible to everybody. Whether you live on huge acreage, or you are…

Bamboo Inspired

Bamboo Inspired

Be Inspired by Bamboo

Naturally Inspired has the largest range of Bamboo Screens, Bamboo Ply, Framed Bamboo Panels, Fern Reeds and natural related materials.

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To all of our customers and friends, I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas, and we wish you all the best for the New Year. I would personally like to thank you all for shopping at naturallyinspired throughout 2011. I met some wonderful people throughout the year, and I was really surprised to see so many people who share my passion for high quality unique products.

I remember talking to a chap who was looking for a special gift for his wife. He was holding a hand carved Owl, and asked me what I thought of it. I remember the young man who carved those owls. It was his third attempt & they were absolutely perfect. He had a smile from ear to ear, and was so proud of his latest efforts.

I visit my carvers on a regular basis; it doesnt matter if they are a master carver, or a young man just starting to learn his craft, they are all so proud of what they can do, and are just buzzing with excitement when showing you their latest achievements. The skills they learn are handed down through generations over thousands of years. No machine can make products that express the same sort of skill and expertise.

The carved owl was a perfect gift
. I am sure his wife liked her Christmas gift, and I know there is a young man who will be over the moon to know that his work has found a new home.

Thanks again - Steve

I have always been a fan of combining various materials to enhance and create a style that neither material would achieve on its own. In the past we have used stone, glass, copper and cement to create a unique effect for our products.

We are particularly happy with our new Bird bath made from wrought iron and glass. The wrought iron stand provides a rustic artistic look, which is further enhanced with the 40cm diameter blue glass bubble bowl, giving the whole product a real lift.

There are 2 different designs concepts, but no piece will be exactly the same.
The wrought iron and glass bird bath is approx 1.0m high and the retail cost is $348.00.
The new bird baths arrive in January 2012 be sure to keep an eye out, so you dont miss out!

Earlier this year we travelled to the Mediterranean, with the aim of gaining inspiration to create our own range of Mediterranean inspired pottery. We were hoping to find something that would be authentic in appearance and true to the original designs of the region.

What better place to start than Tuscany, the home of the worlds best Artisans. We visited many factories in the region and found the people very helpful. They explained why the pottery was so important to them in their everyday life, and what design characteristics must be included in every product.

The pottery was stunning; every piece was like a clay sculpture in its own right.?We started production in June, and for most of the time we have been perfecting our techniques so the pottery is absolutely perfect.

Here is a sample of the new pottery we have produced. They will be available in Jan2012 in 5 different designsin both a natural terra cotta finish and glazed with wax stressing for an authentic Mediterranean look.