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Jati Bamboo Screens

Jati Bamboo Screens

In Natural Finish

Jati bamboo is a straight bamboo, ideally used as an exotic privacy screen as demonstrated in the slide.

Bamboo in Rebated Frames

Bamboo in Rebated Frames

In Smoked Finish

The olive trees provides contrasting foliage against the bamboo to create an interesting screen.

Bamboo Reed

Bamboo Reed

In Smoked Finish

Stylish Bamboo Reed in smoked finish has been used to clad a sterile brick wall.


Fern Reed (Natureed ®)

Best used for feature screens, fencing, cladding and overhead shade for a filtered light effect.

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Bamboo Inspired

Bamboo… a form of sacred serenity

Going back over many centuries, bamboo & other natural products have provided economic and cultural significance for many ancient cultures, being used for building materials, as a food source and as a versatile raw product. In the Western world, Bamboo is used for its vitality, flexibility, sustainability and beauty. Bamboo is used as an essential element in the creation of sacred spaces.

Bamboo is a versatile plant with a peaceful and wise energy.  As the world we live in is chaotic, and we are bombarded with modern technologies, electronic wizardry, hard and sterile building materials & décor; Bamboo and all things natural help restore balance to your life, environment and social being. Bamboo can transform your home and garden into a natural, softer, calmer place to relax and enjoy.

naturallyinspired specialises in providing the largest range of bamboo and natural related products to the professional market, home decorators & garden lovers alike.

naturallyinspired only uses regenerative varieties of bamboo, making it environmentally friendly!

Our bamboo screens are available in 3 different finishes; natural, smoked and scorched.


We also add feature twine woven through the screens to create an interesting pattern, giving this screen a real oriental feel.  Available in natural and smoked finishes.

Strategic  gaps between the bamboo culms create interesting patters to allow colour, light and cool breezes through. These products make ideal feature screens, provide overhead shade and can also be used to spruce up tired fences or courtyard areas.  Available in natural and smoked finishes.

Our bamboo screens are available in 3 different species:

Jati 25 – 30mm diameter bamboo culms, closely bound. Available in natural, smoked and scorched finishes.

Cebu 15 – 19mm diameter culms.  Pronounced growth nodes give this screen real character and rustic beauty. Available in natural, smoked and scorched finishes.

Serene Bamboo 5 – 8mm diameter and bound with stainless steel wire. This slim beauty is ideal for cladding fences, inside?out screens and filtered overhead shade.

Natural Related Material Products

naturallyinspired's natural related products include the very popular Fern Reed (Natureed ®) product. Fern Reed is professionally made and bound tightly with non-rusting wires. Fern Reed is ideal for use as  feature screens, for cladding fences and sprucing up unsightly sheds and  walls, or as filtered overhead shade.

For The Inside

We provide a large range of Bamboo Poles, Woven Cane, Rattan, Pandas Matting and Palm Fibre. naturallyinspired also supplies Bamboo Ply, a popular building material for lining ceilings and walls.