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Artistically Inspired

Artistically Inspired

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Statuary and Stone Decor. Using the beauty of natural materials you can decorate your home or garden with our range…

Brushwood Inspired

Brushwood Inspired

Be Inspired by Brushwood

Naturally Inspired's Brushwood Panels available in 2 thicknesses, ideal for Brushwood fencing or cladding old fences and walls.

Visually Inspired

Visually Inspired

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Over the years, water features have become easily accessible to everybody. Whether you live on huge acreage, or you are…

Bamboo Inspired

Bamboo Inspired

Be Inspired by Bamboo

Naturally Inspired has the largest range of Bamboo Screens, Bamboo Ply, Framed Bamboo Panels, Fern Reeds and natural related materials.

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Gazebo & Shade Inspired

As our gardens and block sizes become smaller & smaller, we have to give thought to the type of materials we use in our homes. Colourbond garages and patio’s lined with metal or plastic type roofs create small hot houses and do nothing to promote airflow.

At naturallyinspired we understand the benefits of using Natural Related Materials. As well as enhancing your garden & home, these natural shade structures breathe and are incredibly cool, and suit our Australian outdoor lifestyle.

naturallyinspired's Gazebo and Shade Solutions will also give you up to 100% protection from the sun’s harmful rays. All that is left to do is to enjoy lazy afternoons and evening outdoor meals, whilst taking in those cool summer breezes.

Brushwood Gazebos
- For a long time now we have understood the benefits of using Brushwood to clad the roofs of our gazebo. Brushwood is a soft and natural material that will blend into your garden, amongst your flowers and plants. Native to Australia, the long lasting durable nature & insulation properties make brushwood ideally suited to withstand our harsh climate, providing comfort and protection for your whole family.

Available in 2 thicknesses, brushwood can be fitted flat or cut into strips for a tiled effect. With the addition of a waterproof membrane, brushwood shade structures can be completely waterproof.

Bali Bales
Ever since we began holidaying in the tropical islands of Bali, we have noticed that Bali Bales have become a popular shade structure. It was here we discovered what the locals have known for years - sitting or sleeping the day away under a Bali Bale is just the best way to recoup and recharge your body. Our Bali Bales have been manufactured with an additional insulation and waterproof membrane to maximize your comfort.

Available in standard sizes, or if time is on your side, we can make to your specifications. They can be supplied with or without floors, with the option of handrails, seating & carved posts.
Bali Bales are a popular choice for around the pool or garden. Throw in some cushions and curtains and this exotic resort style structure makes a nice addition, adding a luxurious element to your home and outdoor area.

African Thatched Gazebos
Made from the South African cape reeds, these gazebos have become a popular choice to provide shade and comfort around pools and gardens.

African thatch is a proven long lasting product, which provides shelter from rain and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. All of these qualities will ensure your family will receive maximum comfort & enjoyment during the time you spend outdoors.

African Thatched Gazebo’s are made in standard sizes, however we can also make them to your specifications.

Shade Solutions
At naturallyinspired we provide a large range of natural products that can be used to provide shade and insulation.

Pergolas & Patios
Natural shading using Fern Reed (Natureed ®) or bamboo, allows shade, filtered light and airflow in a way that suits the Australian outdoor lifestyle. Many people have open timber or metal pergolas, which are simply too hot to enjoy for most of the day. When installed above, between or below the beams, our Fern Reed (Natureed ®) and bamboo products will provide instant shade and a coolness for all to enjoy.

By using Serene Bamboo or Fern Reed (Natureed ®) on the underside of metal or plastic patio roofs, you will reduce the temperature considerably and provide a softer natural look for the whole family to enjoy. If it is a more substantial look you are after, Bamboo Screens and Palm Fibre, with its amazing insulation qualities, are also a good option.

At naturallyinspired we can provide fixed canopies that can be suspended or cantilevered over outdoor eating and entertainment areas. They are usually clad with Serene Bamboo or Fern Reed (Natureed ®), and can be installed flat or draped over rods for a wavy effect.

These shade structures are both elegant and functional, giving an overall casual & relaxed feel to your outdoor areas.
Retractable canopies are a further option. By retracting canopies smoothly on wires, they can provide filtered shade in summer, with the option of retracting the shade to enjoy the winter sun.