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Stone Hand Seats

Stone Hand Seats

Hand carved stone hand seats create an artistic display to this garden, providing a place to relax and take…



This couple make a welcome addition to this garden.

Classical Ladies Statues

Classical Ladies Statues

These statues display the skills and craftsmanship of world-class carvers.

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Statuary, Lanterns & Decor Inspired

At naturallyinspired we sell the most diverse range of statuary and garden décor. For those of you who love all things natural, we hope you enjoy the cultural & artistic journey through our range of hand carved statuary, lanterns and décor.

Using the beauty of natural stone, created by time itself, and displaying the event lines of millions of years, these unique pieces of statuary also proudly display the exceptional skills of our artisans that have been handed down through the generations.

You can be guaranteed that every piece is an original. In our opinion the best gardens look fantastic with their different design concepts and planting, however the truly inspirational gardens and homes will always add character and personality in the form of garden art and statuary.

Garden art works better, and is soul serving, if it is a reflection of your family, or one’s personality.

Create a place you can truly call home.

Modern Abstract

With simple clean lines and a minimal detail, abstract statuary always leaves room for the imagination to take over.
Usually made from white Paras, grey serrat or yellow palimana stone, this stylish statuary will compliment any garden design and never looks out of place in the home.


All your favourites are here. This collection of statuary includes feature works including: Buddha, Ganeshia, Balinese , Egyptian statues and many more statues of interest.

Feature Statues

This is where we have a lot of fun. You should never be surprised what you may find in this section. From our alien E.T. to our little bulldog and all the comical characters in between.


Carved from the best quality white stone, you can truly grasp the exceptional talents and skills of our world class carvers.
The classical range are so well made with exceptional realistic features, and are available in a variety of designs as lighting or water features. They can be used either inside or outside and are sealed to maintain long life against the elements.

Rock Art

An outstanding collection of Artistic rock creations for those of you who like to challenge your creative juices. Often thought provoking, the modern & primitive designs that make up this unique collection include: families of primitive figures, corpses of stone pillars, ancient artistic plaques, and hand seats. The distinctive nature of this collection crosses all boundaries & will support any garden or architectural concept.
Be Brave!


The landscapes statuary is a reflection of nature itself.
Consisting of carved animals & plants with an option of water, either pooling or travelling down a natural Crevice in the stone.

Choose  from a natural carved stone bowl with: a frog sitting on water lillies; to the largest collection of lizards, iguanas, egrets, kingfishers, elephants, monkeys, right through to our latest komodo dragon. We can guarantee that just like nature, every scene is one of a kind.

Primitive – Tribal

Easter Island heads, Tiki statues, primitive men, gargoyles, ancient teaching stones and Inuksuks, take you back in time when stone carvings evolved as a form of primitive communication and symbolism. Add a unique conversational piece to your garden or home.


Stone and glass lanterns, modern artistic lanterns and traditional stone lanterns are just a few of the designs you will find at naturallyinspired.

Stone Décor

Hand carved stone hand seats create an artistic display to this  garden, providing a place to relax and take in the wonderful surrounds.