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Japanese Bottles

Japanese Bottles

This set of feature bottles makes a stunning display, especially with the addition of lighting. See our Terra Cotta section…

Centurion Pot

Centurion Pot

Roman style water feature in metallic black glazing will change colour with every passing hour.

Fish Water Wall

Fish Water Wall

This circular glass water feature is only one of many different designs.

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Water Features Inspired

Over the years, water features have become easily accessible to everybody. Whether you live on huge acreage, or you are looking for something to suit a small courtyard, you can always find a water feature to suit your needs.

At naturallyinspired we manufacture the most diverse range of water features you can imagine. From the stunning beauty of natural stone to the artistic and cultural creations of our world-class glaziers, you can be sure to find a water feature that will appeal to you.

The soothing sound of trickling water and the visual dynamics of running water add a fabulous and luxurious element to any garden. If there is one aspect that can complete a landscape and change the mood of a garden, it is a water feature.

They have the ability to soften hard and sterile environments, and will soothe and disarm all of your senses. Water features include everything from carved stone creations, waterfalls, and wall-mounted pieces, bowls and fountains.

Stone Water Features

With its ever-changing colours exposing event lines which are millions of years old, nothing works better with water than natural stone.

Glazed Terra Cotta
The unmistakable talents of world-class glaziers are on show here. Antique stone effects, wax stressing and the stunning effect of metallic glazing, are applied across all of our artistic and cultural designs. Visually inspiring styles ranging from Japananese bottles, French provincial, Roman, Crete, African and many other styles are available here.

Glass Water Features
A combination of self-contained water walls, glass helix’s, feature works of marble, glass and wrought iron, all combine to add a whole new dynamic to the variety of water features available. The transparent nature of glass allows you to maximise the effects of feature lighting.

Copper Water Features
Our copper range includes self-contained water walls of various designs and bowls and stands with copper inlays. Our artisans over many years have developed techniques and textures to produce the most stunning effects with copper. Copper is one of those materials that looks great in the daylight, however at night time, under lighting, it will take on a new dimension and enhance the design in a way only copper can.

Feature Works
You should never be surprised what you find in this section.
Often made from fibre and cement castings, these water features are very different, sometimes thought provoking, always very interesting, but most importantly they are only limited to your imagination.

Also see Classical & Landscape Statues for more water features.

Do not be surprised if your water feature becomes the focal point in your garden.