The Naturally Inspired Story

NaturallyInspired has been supplying brushwood panels to the Perth Metropolitan and W.A. Retail [DIY] and Trade markets for well over 35 years now. Our brushwood is made from melaleuca Uncinata, and is sourced from mature plants to provide a stronger longer lasting stems, necessary to manufacturer quality made panels. Our brushwood panels are only made from regenerative varieties, and is cut under licences to ensure the future and sustainability of the industry for future generations to come.

Brushwood panels will give your home and garden an attractive soft natural look. Combined with its Insulation and sound absorption properties, and with its long lasting qualities, our panels will not only keep your garden looking stunning, but provide a quality of living for many years to come. Our Brushwood panels will not retain heat like many other boundary fences, enabling your young garden to get established and Blossom, whilst at the same time providing a comfortable outdoor living areas for all to enjoy.

NaturallyInspired provides brushwood panels and other naturally related products to support the Perth Retail Market, Fencing Contractors & landscaping Companies, including numerous Trade related outlets throughout the whole of Western Australia.

For assistance on locating your nearest supplier, please feel free to e-mail or contact our office.
We also provide a construction and installation service for the Perth Metropolitan area.
For D.I.Y. customers we are happy to do a site inspection or advise you on your material list, or any special building requirements that may need to be considered.

To help support your project we also provide strong steel framed gates, posts and rails and plinths as required.

NaturallyInspired Fence and Cladding panels have been officially Certified and Approved to be used as a safety barrier [ pool fence] for swimming pools and ponds. 

Roll top Capping

To maximize the longevity of our panels we recommend that you cover the tops with some form of capping.
This can be made from natural brushwood, metal or even timber.
At Naturally inspired, We provide the bundles of long straight sticks, to be used as capping. This capping is harvested under permits issued by the conservation and Land Management dept.

For all the benefits of using Our brushwood panels  see our About Brushwood section

Our panels are Available in 2 thicknesses

1. 50mm Thick Brushwood Fence Panels
     Ideal for:

  • Freestanding traditional brushwood fences.
  • Pool &spa enclosure [ safety barrier]
  • Cladding timber post &rail fences.
  • Roof Cladding
  • Wind barrier
  • Sound Barrier – reduce traffic and unwanted neighbourhood noises.
  • Estate & commercial applications

2. 30mm Thick Brushwood Fence Panels
     Ideal for:

  • Ideal to cover old fences , walls & sheds
  • To clad metal colour bond fences, to provide a soft natural backdrop & insulate you and your garden from extreme heat.
  • Pool and spa enclosures including  safety barrier
  • Cladding timber post & rail fences and landscape screens
  • Wind & privacy screen
  • Roof cladding

Naturally inspired only uses regenerative varieties of brushwood, making it Enviromentally friendly!

Code Product Dimentions Information
BWC – 1.8 Brushwood Cladding Panels – 30mm thick 2.2m long x 1.8m high
Price List
BW – 1.8-1.1 Brushwood fence panels – 50mm thick 1.1m long x 1.8m high
Price List
BW – 1.8 Brushwood fence panels – 50mm thick  2.2m long x 1.8m high
Price List
BW – 2.0 Brushwood fence panels – 50mm thick 2.2m long x 2.0m high
Price List
BW – 2.1 Brushwood fence panels – 50mm thick
[special orders only]
 2.2m long x 2.1m high
Price List
BW Cap – 2.2 Brushwood capping – bundles 2.2m long 2.2m long – 1 required
Per panel
Price List

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